Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV)

Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) For SMEs

The Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) by Spring Singapore is specially designed to help you as a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) entrepreneur and business owner to do everything you can possibly do to grow your business online and enjoy long term success. Many Small and Medium Enterprises have been constantly thinking and worrying about how to make their presence felt online and to tap on the ever increasing e-commerce activities as a potential source of revenue growth for their business.

Should SMEs Ignore the ICV Voucher?

Let's face the hard truth, if you do not have a sizable online presence and continue to procrastinate in taking the necessary steps to grow your business online, you are risking your company's future and your future too. Latest research has shown that well over 2 Billion people are actively online for work, personal and social activities. In fact, many of them use just only their mobile phones to book a movie ticket or plane ticket, pay bills etc and do just about any other thing you can possibly imagine.

Armed with this knowledge, do you still want to be deliberately left behind by not taking positive steps to streamline your business operations online to be in sync and tandem with the rest of the crowd in order to gain a competitive edge over your competitors?

Hence, you should not ignore opportunities to receive the ICV voucher, grants and subsidies from Spring Singapore that will help you bring out significant productivity improvements for your business online.

Enhanced Innovation & Capability Voucher

Some of you may still not be aware that the Government through Spring Singapore introduced the Enhanced Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) which took effect from 22 July 2014, where the scope of supportable productivity solutions under the standard Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) has been further refined to help Small and Medium Enterprises adopt better solutions that bring out significant productivity improvement to their operations online.

SMEs are encouraged to take up Integrated Solutions that can enhance productivity holistically and this can be a combination of systems, training and equipment that are integrated into easy-to-adopt packages.

Please follow this link here ICV Integrated Productivity Solutions.pdf to see the latest Integrated Solutions that are currently available for your business.

ICV Voucher Application

Here's a summary view of the step by step process on how to claim your Innovation and Capability Voucher in the form of a pictogram flow chart;

ICV Voucher Application Process Flow Chart

ICV Voucher Too Good To Be True?

Now, the skeptic in you may then ask, So What's The Catch? The Government never gives out goodies for free, that is what we Singaporeans have all been conditioned to think all these years. This is called an Innovation & Capability VOUCHER, the very fact that it is a Voucher means that it has terms and conditions attached with it just like any other types of vouchers.

However, nothing is cast in stone and we acting in the capacity as your ICV voucher consultant will be able to assist you to work around many of the conditions and restrictions in an absolutely legal and proper manner because most of them can be excluded if we are able to show to Spring Singapore that they are part of an Integrated Solution.

Take Control Of Your Business Online, Act Now!

We strongly encourage you to come speak with us and learn how we can help you to grow and manage your business operations online and secure your company's future with these ICV voucher, grants and subsidies. Remember Always – Entrepreneurs Are Made, Never Born.

What Makes Us Different From The Rest?

Note: We do NOT charge any professional fees whatsoever to act as a consultant for your Innovation and Capability Voucher application. We provide a free value added service to you on a purely non obligatory basis as we would like you to consider using our comprehensive Accounting and Bookkeeping services in the near future.

We offer a comprehensive accounting and book keeping services at very competitive rates to companies who wish to outsource their accounting function.

ALLIANCE has a dedicated and experienced team that is ready to take on the role of your accounts department.

Our unrivaled range of specialist industry knowledge provides comfort and reassurance that all your business's day-to-day and other complex transactions are accounted for correctly.

Who Is Our ICV Spring Approved IT Vendor?

ezyIT is a well-established business automation consultancy company with close to 20 years of experience in customized software consulting and development. Hence, it is not surprising that they were among the first few IT vendors and service providers to have their projects approved by Spring Singapore for the ICV.

Everyone at ezyIT are highly experienced web applications development professionals who will be able to assist you to start new projects or revamp your existing ones and deliver solutions promptly.

We help you with your ICV Voucher application and ezyIT helps you with Productivity IT Solutions for your company, an ideal partnership that will help transform your company and take it to a higher level of productivity and profitability.

What are the IT Solutions they provide?

ICV Voucher for SMEs

ICV Spring for CRM

ICV Spring for HRM

What about ICV Grant for Website Development?

ICV grant for website design and development including mobile application development are permitted by Spring Singapore if they are part of an Integrated Solution. To qualify for the ICV grant, the website needs to be a total website solution and not just a regular standalone website. Almost everyone who had sought our assistance to apply for the ICV wanted to use it to build a business website or an e-commerce website. Since 2012, we have helped hundreds of micro and small business owners to apply successfully for the ICV grant to build a business website or an e-commerce website for their existing business or new start up.

Please follow the link here to see a sampling of our IT Vendor's completed website projects for many satisfied customers and businesses.

Contact Us

Please do feel free to call, SMS or WhatsApp your friendly ICV Voucher Consultant David Yap at Tel: 96192648 at any time for an absolutely No Obligation and friendly discussion on how we can help you to build, improve and expand your business operations online.