Our Team

Adang Hadi Firmansyah
Senior Developer

Jimmy Sentosa
Software Developer

Muhammad Bahjah Dedi Wijaya
Software Developer

Didiet Arifianto Nugroho
Software Developer

Diani Chandra Pertiwi
Software Developer

Software Developer

Randy Ang

Willy Rikhardi
Software Developer

Margaretha Lee
Software Developer

Software Developer

Azkal Fikri
Software Developer

Edo Surpiyanto Tarigan
Software Developer

Natalia Setio
Office Manager / 3D Artist

Yusuf Sutana
Software Developer

Geinisa Pizsarati
Graphic Designer / Comics Artist

Arie Dwiyana
Software Developer

Syahid Muhammad Fadil
Software Developer

Sulaeman Rasyid
Software Developer



Personalised Services

As no two individuals are the same, no two businesses or clients are the same. As such different needs and wants have to be considered before appropriate proposals and suggestions can be made.


To deliver a second class or a third grade service or product is as good as not delivering. With this mentality, we only strive for the best to offer our clients the premium. Doing it right the 1st time.


‘Time is always not on our side. Sometimes, it can also be considered our enemy.' We understand the need to race against time and the need to have timely delivery,


DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax/JavaScript, Java Applets, Flash (IE 5.5+, Mozilla/Firefox, Opera 7+, Safari & Google Chrome)
PHP, JSP/servlets, ASP.NET, ASP
C/C++, Java, Object Pascal (Delphi), PHP, Perl, ASP
Data formats/markups:
Apache HTTP Server, nginx, lighttpd (lighty), IIS (Internet Information Services), Resin, Apache Tomcat

corporate profile

Venture Quest Consultancy, also known as VQC, has been established since 2003. VQC is a business automation and productivity consultancy company that engages primarily in customized software consulting and development.

With more than 10 years of development know-how, the members of the company are experienced and confident in assisting your business to gain more from the use of technology. VQC is equipped with a team of apt professionals that delivers solutions promptly.

Recognising our strength in technology implementation, VQC was selected to be a Trustsg auditor in 2006 to assist Commercenet Singapore to audit the local firms IT security and policy structures.

In 2010, VQC partnered Realoffshore IT in Perth, Australia, as a strategic partner to develop the market to grow the existing customer base and to impart the know-how for further growth. The following year VQC set up an operative branch in Bandung, Indonesia, to assist in the growing demand of IT services from Singapore and Australia.

"VQC aims at being a one stop IT solution provider for Small, Medium Enterprises in the region and a bridge for Asia to the rest of the world"

CEO, Mr. Johnny Ong